7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

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Are you looking for someone who could help your small business be known out and loud?

Here’s some good news for you!

Running a business alone is indeed a hard thing, you have to consider everything, not just your product itself but how to market it. In this time of modernization, we can easily be known in just a glimpse of an eye using the tools that we have or in a short word, technology. For this to make it happen, It is very essential considering to hire a web designer for your small business because social media and websites are the greatest way of strengthening the image of your business, although Digital World is being indeed powerful nowadays, everyone can access anything on the internet and you can even create your own web page, it’s still best to let the professional do it!

But, as much as we want to hire, there’s still confusion and hesitation upon selecting the best team that will manage your web page. And one important thing to do first is to ask good questions to know well who you will choose to work with and be part of your small business.

We have gathered 7 questions that are crucial to ask before hiring a web designer that you may consider as your reference:

Let’s talk about your portfolio

Looking after the web designer’s portfolio is one of the most crucial things we have to do upon checking them. Portfolio depicts their credibility, how the appearance of a website looks like, how often do they conduct improvements, and to countercheck what happened to what they have handled, do they succeed? Were they able to get known? and with that, you can visualize what will happen and how will your website will look like.

Do you make adjustments on pricing depending on my budget?

It is a good question to ask if there are adjustments that can be made for the designer to fit on your budget so that it would not be hard for you to pay since we are just about to start our business career through Web pages or websites.

What does the website design scope include?

Knowing the scope is essential so that you will know what to expect and whatnot. What is included in the project fee and what is an additional cost to add on. it’s also important for you as the client to know for your own awareness, so you’re completely on the same page about what you’re getting and how it will be delivered. In addition to that, it is also what we call meeting halfway, you will be able to say or have an agreement with the designer on what do you visualize for your web page and for them to see how they can execute it.

Am I the owner of the site?

You technically do not own your domain if your Web Designer purchases it for you in their own account using their own credentials. You then have a big problem since you will no longer have control of your website, despite the fact that you can log in to your WordPress site. The problem of domain ownership arises if you decide to part ways with your Web Designer or Web Developer. To transfer the domain to your own account, your contractor will need to begin a domain transfer. I’ve seen how much of a pain this can be. Make certain that you and your Web Designer agree on who will control the domain and that you have this in writing.

Will you fully provide the content of the webpage?

Whenever your Web Designer is going to give the material and they are pulling photographs from the internet, be sure he or she holds the copyrights for those images because you are ultimately accountable for what goes on your website. A copyright lawsuit is the last thing any small business owner needs when they are just starting out. This is one of the most crucial that you must reassure to your designer, your uniqueness, and whatever it is that will be posted on your web page, will be your image already

Do You Have An Experienced Team?

It’s indeed hard to pilot a business alone, that is why when hiring a web designer, ask them if the people will work behind your webpage are experienced enough to do the contents and all. Go and ask about the experience of every part of the team, the writer, the graphic artist and etc.

To whom will I coordinate?

What we are about to enter is not a game nor a joke time, it is a business. We must be sure that we are talking with the right people, scam is everywhere nowadays that is why it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always look for someone you can coordinate with, catch up, ask for updates in real-time, and will listen to what you want to happen with your webpage, and will rely on your criticism to the content creators.

These are a few of the questions you may want to ask your web designer. Always remember that this can be a lifetime commitment, this will determine the image of your company in the digital world and that is why we have to be selective and critical on who will you hire.