Wednesday, August 31, 2022

It is time to update your website. We are offering a limited offer.  A one-time cost of $99 

  • Update all outdated Plugins
  • Update all outdated Themes
  • Upgrade to WordPress Newest release
  • Compatibility testing
  • PHP version Upgrade
  • Includes small content updates (No Design Updates)

Why should I upgrade plugins, theme, and WordPress? 

WordPress plugins must be updated because using the old version makes your site vulnerable to hackers. It is not just a security issue, it also prevents unnecessary issues like spamming. Outdated Plugins, Themes, and WordPress can stop working altogether if they're not updated. If you decide to never update your WordPress, Theme, and plugins, eventually your website will break. 

The new releases of plugins, themes, and WordPress contain patches and fixes to resolve known issues and strengthen your site against attacks.


  • Security
  • Performance
  • New Features
  • Compatibility
  • Bug Fixes

Want to take advantage of this opportunity? 

Please contact or submit a ticket here. 

You will be billed only after the work is complete and you're completely satisfied with the work.


If you're on a PRO Hosting plan, ($29.95/mo) Your Web Maintenance is included. We will update your website QUARTERLY at no additional cost. 

Business ($ and Growth ($21.95/mo) Hosting plans do not include FREE quarterly web maintenance.


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